8806 Skokie Lane



  • Schedule movers

  • Cancel/transfer utilities for end date of 7/31

  • Optional - schedule a cleaning for right after you move out

  • Maintain lawn/landscaping

  • Change address (see Change Address section for reminders)

* Note: Contractually your house and property must be in substantially the same condition as it was on home inspection date.  Upon move-out your minimum contractual obligation is to ensure the home is broom swept and clear of debris.


  • TBD - Walk-Through Inspection

    • usually day of or day prior to settlement

    • please be absent during walk-through

  • TBD - Receive preliminary copy of Closing Disclosure (2-3 days prior to settlement)

  • 6/18 - Attend Settlement

  • 6/24 - Buyers Settle

  • 7/4 - Jillian and Forest move out

  • 7/6 - Mary will arrange a cleaning

  • 7/6 - Dave and buyers to meet after cleaning

  • 7/31 - Rentback deadline (contractually it's 7/31 but buyers can likely move in by 7/10)

    • Vacate by 9pm with house broom swept and clear of debris

    • leave all keys/garage remotes in house (buyers have 1 key from settlement)

  • by 8/4 - Determine disposition of rent back security deposit after buyers' final walk-through inspection


6/18 - Settlement (time of signing TBD)*

  • ​Settlement location: 200 Parkway View Drive, Hendersonville 

  • Settlement will take ~ 20 minutes

  • Bring photo ID's

  • Bring wiring account info such as a voided check

  • Provide 1 key for M & M to give to Hallmark Title.

*Note:  if one of you cannot make settlement we can get a power of attorney through the title company

*Note:  Sellers do not need to sign on settlement day - you can sign earlier if that's more convenient

Settlement Processor

Double Eagle Title

Kasey Eck



  • Post office ($2.50) at least two weeks prior to move

  • credit cards

  • bank accounts

  • cell phones

  • insurance companies

  • prescriptions

  • doctors and dentists

  • driver’s licenses

  • friends & relatives